Our consulting is unbiased

We do not sell security products or equipment, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and so on. This allows us to stay completely unbiased and guarantees you assessments and recommendations that are in no way influenced by product-related interests.

We deliver straight talk

We are not afraid to challenge you in a constructive manner, and might question the way that you may perceive IT security. In spite of the technical nature of our business, we speak a language that is familiar to the IT department as well as the boardroom.

We understand your business

We take pride in understanding your business and focus our consulting and tests on your business-critical systems. This helps you get an overview of your cyber security situation and the business impact of potential risks.

IT Security Consulting

Our solutions are based on your challenges

We have one of the biggest and most diverse IT security teams in the world, and
can help you tackle virtually any challenge related to IT security.

How should we prioritise?
How should we prioritise

Are you having trouble with creating a tangible cyber security action plan, and is identifying key focus areas a challenge?

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Have we been hacked?
Have we been hacked?

Do you fear or have reasonable suspicion or even proof that an unauthorised person or a hacker has penetrated your IT systems?

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Are we ready for an attack?
Are we ready for an attack

Do you know, whether you are able to withstand a targeted attack on your business? Do you have the appropriate systems, procedures, controls, etc. in place?

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Do we protect our employees?
Can our employees withstand an attack

Employees are the weakest link in an organisation’s IT security. Are your employees aware of the newest cyber risks and attack methods, and are they able to withstand phishing and other social engineering attacks?

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Is our new application secure?
Is our new application secure

Functionality and user interface is often the highest priority when developing web and mobile applications. So how do you ensure that your newest application is secure and ready to launch?

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How do we become compliant?
How do we become compliant

Whether it’s GDPR, ISO or PCI standards, the road to compliance is often complex and challenging. So how do you start the process towards compliance, and how do you ensure that your business remains compliant?

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What our clients say about us:

Close and valuable collaboration

“We′ve worked with FortConsult for several years and benefited enormously from the fact that they′re good at quickly getting to grips with very technical problems. They′ve helped us with a number of consultancy tasks such as wireless security and defence against virus and worm attack. In every case the consultancy services provided have been extremely useful and, on a personal level, I greatly appreciate working with Ulf Munkedal.”

- Bank Data Centre