Black Team Assessment

Physical attacks and social engineering

An attacker that has gained physical access to your offices will almost certainly be able to compromise your company further and steal data or other important IT assets – which is why it is imperative to make sure that your organisation’s physical security is robust.

Our Black Team assessment uses a combination of cyber and physical attack techniques in order to achieve a compromise of the physical security and gain physical access to your premises.

This assessment aims to identify weaknesses in your physical security and answer the following questions:

  • How easily could a determined attacker gain access to your internal networks through a successful breach of your physical security?
  • Are your employees disclosing information that could be of assistance to an attacker?
  • How effective are your investments in physical security controls?
During a Black Team assessment, we will:
  • Use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering techniques and threat actor & target profiling to devise credible attack scenarios, which will guide the rest of the activities in this assessment 
  • Perform reconnaissance and surveillance, assessing your physical security controls
  • Use social engineering to bypass technical controls and access restricted areas of your organisation
  • Manipulate staff to allow access to their workspaces and/or to identify sensitive or protected information
  • Evaluate the level of response to threats by your staff and by third parties

This service is a part of our Full Spectrum Attack Simulation and pairs well with our Red Team assessment, which can illustrate how an attacker can use the obtained information or physical access to further compromise your security or gain access to sensitive data.  

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