IP EXPO Nordic 2017

20th of October 2017

FortConsult will participate in IP EXPO Nordic 2017 in Stockholm in September.

The conference will be held at Stockholmsmässan and will feature talks by our head of technical security Michael Moltke and senior security consultant Giuseppe Trotta. 

  • Date: 20th-21st of September
  • Admission: free of charge
  • Location: Stockholmsmässan, Mässvägen 1, 125 80 Älvsjö, Sweden

A Hacker's Confessions: Part II

Following up on last year's "A Hacker's Confessions" presentation, FortConsult’s Head of Technical Security Consulting Michael Moltke will show how a hacker operates in real life and shed light on the bad guys’ attack methods.

Besides showing various types of phishing and spear-phishing attacks, Michael will illustrate what the hacker can do once a device is compromised.

The audience will witness the whole attack scenario from initiation to post-exploitation – including gaining complete control of the infected device, using it to move seamlessly through a corporate network, gaining domain admin privileges, and retaining persistent (and unnoticed) access to the network.

  • Date: 21st of September
  • Time: 12.25
  • Theatre: Keynote Theatre

From APK to Golden Ticket

In this session, senior security consultant Giuseppe Trotta will show how he got full access to a company’s corporate network by breaking in to an Android device belonging to the receptionist.

Using freely available information about the receptionist, he succeeded in luring her in to downloading an APK file with a reverse shell.

With full access to the phone, he connected to the guest Wi-Fi of the company, and exploited unsafe configurations on the network to gain full access to the internal corporate network, including persistent access through domain admin credentials.

  • Date: 20th of September
  • Time: 15.30
  • Theatre: Cyber Threat Intelligence Theatre


  • Date: 21st of September
  • Time: 14.50
  • Theatre: Cyber Threat Protection Theatre
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