Know Your Enemy

16th of November 2017 - 09.00-10.00 or 14.00-15.00

“Foreknowledge cannot be gotten from ghosts and spirits, cannot be had by analogy, cannot be found out by calculation. It must be obtained from people, people who know the conditions of the enemy.”

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Sun Tzu - The Art of War

  • Date: 16th of November 2017
  • Time: 09.00-10.00 or 14.00-15.00
  • Location: FortConsult main office, Svanevej 12, Copenhagen NV
  • Admission: free

Sun Tzu’s timeless classic, The Art of War, has been applied to endeavours far from actual combat or military operations – from negotiation tactics, to trial strategy and even to e-sports. So, it’s unsurprising to find it relevant in the field of cyber security, which after all, is quite similar to warfare.

Knowing your enemy is often quoted as Sun Tzu’s most important teaching, and it is no different in IT security. So much so that there is an entire field of IT security dedicated to this: threat intelligence.

In this session, we will take you inside the minds of the cyber criminals that make a living by attacking organisations.

What do they want, why do they want it, and how do they operate?

Using real-life examples from Fox-IT’s years of experience in infiltrating criminal networks and monitoring proprietary threat intelligence feeds, we will help you understand the threat actors and their methods. We will also share cases of organisations that have been effective in defending themselves against sophisticated attacks, as well as examples of failed defence tactics and where it went wrong.

Key Takeaways
  • Insight in the threat landscape: understanding threat actors
  • How the crooks operate: how do they think and behave?
  • How is an attack executed?
  • What can you do about it to protect your organisation? 
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