We offer courses in best practices in secure web development, based on the OWASP framework. Our role is not to teach programming, but relevant concepts about the most common security vulnerabilities and how to avoid them. The course will therefore revolve around the attackers and a threat assessment, the prerequisites for secure web development and vulnerabilities in application. The course stretches typically over one day and can be tailored to fit exactly your needs.

How do you react to a cyber attack and which factors play a role in how you mitigate the damage?

Learn how to handle an IT security incident efficiently and correctly, in order to mitigate data leaks, along with the potential financial and image losses.

How do you securely transition towards the cloud, and what challenges do you need to overcome?

Learn to address the most important challenges facing your business when migrating to the cloud.

How do you prepare for a cyber crisis and how can you mitigate the damage after an incident?

Learn about different threat types and actors, incident response strategies and the most important DOs and DON'Ts during a cyber crisis.

How do you develop secure web applications?

Let us train your developers in secure web application development.


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