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Quick to Identify Problems

"We use FortConsult as our trusted and close business partner within the field of technical IT security because they deliver high quality. FortConsult has a great deal of knowledge with respect to IT security which we benefit from when they carry out security tests and concrete consultancy tasks for us. They're good at understanding our needs and this means that they're able to identify potential security problems for us before they actually become a problem, which helps to ensure that we get a rapid and effective threat assessment. Quite simply, we're very satisfied with our collaboration."

Food Industry
Carefully targeted test reporting without 'noise'

"FortConsult regularly carries out different security tests for our company, and their work has always been very thorough and professional. We′ve also set great store by their reporting of the test results, which is focused and straightforward and without 'noise' such as false positives. FortConsult has its focus on the things that are relevant for our company, and this makes our subsequent processing of the reports very efficient. Both myself and the company′s technicians are very satisfied with our working relationship with FortConsult."

Bank Data Centre
Close - and valuable - collaboration

"We′ve worked with FortConsult for several years and benefited enormously from the fact that they′re good at quickly getting to grips with very technical problems. They′ve helped us with a number of consultancy tasks such as wireless security and defence against virus and worm attack. In every case the consultancy services provided have been extremely useful and, on a personal level, I greatly appreciate working with Ulf Munkedal."

Bank Data Centre
Super sparring and follow-up

"FortConsult has conducted a security test for us, and I have to say that our collaboration has proved to be everything that we had expected. We're very satisfied with the security consultant's work - he was flexible and quick to give us feedback during the course of the test, such that we felt that we were in safe hands throughout. We also received an excellent explanation to back up the final report, so our experience has been positive at every stage of the process."

Website Provider
Good mix of technical competencies, business know-how and PCI knowledge

"I am very satisfied with the gap analysis which FortConsult carried out for us. FortConsult provides a good mix of technical competencies, business know-how and PCI knowledge when conducting such a project. Throughout the entire process we have felt comfortable and have been engaged in excellent dialogue with all the involved parties at FortConsult. This has enabled us to retain our focus on relevant matters concerning compliance. I can warmly recommend working with FortConsult to others."

Retail Business
Convincing competence

"FortConsult is both particularly competent and service-minded. We′re very satisfied with the result of the security test, which has also led to us implementing a number of improved working procedures concerning security. The final report was highly satisfactory - it′s both very straightforward and highly detailed. We′ve enjoyed a good dialogue with FortConsult throughout the entire process. They deal with the subject in depth and are very convincing. We look forward to continuing our collaboration."

Shipping company
First with security certification

"We chose FortConsult as our IT security supplier on the basis of their excellent reputation in the industry. In addition, it was a definite advantage that they were the first company in Denmark to be certified to perform security tests and audits on behalf of VISA and MasterCard. We were looking to receive security certification as quickly as possible and expected that the process would run most smoothly with a Danish supplier. Looking back, the collaboration with FortConsult has been a very positive experience. They′ve been very flexible and good at accommodating our needs. Throughout the process, focus has been applied to those aspects that are of the greatest importance. We′re very satisfied to be Denmark′s first business enterprise to obtain security certification from VISA and MasterCard."

Payment Solutions Supplier
Successful collaboration

"We′ve made good use of FortConsult′s expertise within IT security on several occasions since the company was founded. On each occasion they′ve delivered an excellent and thorough piece of work that has enabled us to use the results directly. There are many suppliers on the IT security market, but we′ve chosen to use FortConsult because our business relationship functions without problems and we′re very satisfied with their security consultants."

Energy Company
Very competent security consultants

"We′ve chosen FortConsult from amongst the numerous providers of IT security services. We began our partnership with expectations of high quality, and our expectations have certainly been met to the full. In the comprehensive security test that was performed, the task was gone into in great depth. FortConsult′s security consultants are incredibly capable and at the same time manage to be pragmatic with regard to how serious the different vulnerabilities actually are. I′m very satisfied with the result and plan to continue to use FortConsult with regard to a number of other tasks."

Transport Company
A professional and positive experience

"FortConsult's PCI auditor has been both positive and constructive, has operated at a high technical level and been ably qualified to advise us on technical issues. He was both detail-oriented and efficient, and provided a very professional and thoroughly prepared PCI audit which both VISA and we ourselves were satisfied with. Throughout the entire process we have had the feeling that we were in good hands and we are pleased to have agreed a long 3-year contract with FortConsult. "

IT Service Supplier



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