Does your company develop secure web applications?

The development of new web applications often focuses on the customer and end-user experience, i.e. defined as functionality and user interface. Others focus more on the back-end system integration. Focus on security is on the other hand often neglected or postponed until the last phase of the development, i.e. in connection to testing.

Our many years of experience show that security in web application should be incorporated early in the design and development process. In our tests, we find many vulnerabilities that could have been taken care of already in the development phase of the application.

A robust and secure design helps a lot in securing both the application availability, the back-end systems and possibly sensitive data. Additionally, the cost and time consumption involved when you implement security already in the development phase, is a lot less than remediating at the launch phase – or even in the “finished” application.

Your challenges might be:

  • How can I avoid vulnerabilities in my application already at an early stage?
  • How do I make my developers produce secure designs?
  • If I have the applications developed externnaly; what should I require from my vendor?

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