Rent a CISO / IT Security Expert

Our Rent a CISO programme is a cost-effective way for our clients to manage risks and maintain their information security efforts. The service is designed to help you keep on top of IT security and the associated risks, without having to recruit a full-time staff member.

You might require our Rent a CISO service if:

  • You have a temporary need for an IT security expert (for example, for a specific project)
  • You need a replacement for an employee, who is leaving for a vacation, going on parental leave, or the like
  • You are planning a vacation or an extended leave yourself, and want to ensure that it's business as usual while you're away
  • You need professional help during specific periods, for example in connection with upcoming audits
  • You are recruiting an employee for a role in IT security, but cannot do without an expert while the search for a long-term solution is underway (or you want a second opinion on an applicant)

When you rent a CISO from FortConsult, one of our experienced consultants acts as an extension to your organisation. This gives you an ongoing IT security presence, helps you reduce risks to an acceptable level and improves your chances of avoiding incidents. Moreover, this service gives you access to FortConsult’s and NCC Group’s broad pool of IT security knowledge – which provides much greater resilience and support than any individual security manager or CISO would be able to single-handedly.
Our Rent a CISO service provides you with:

  • Dedicated onsite time every month              
  • Email and phone support during office hours               
  • Change and project risk assessment                                        
  • Security incident management                                
  • Proactive risk management                                             
  • Business and IT consultancy                                                
  • Information security audit plan management
  • IT/Governance Steering Committees attendance if required
  • Monthly reporting (where defined) with security KPI’s

This has a positive impact on your business in the shape of numerous benefits:

  • Improves your company’s information security posture
  • Provides management peace of mind that your business is secure and security issues are being managed by professionals
  • Meets business objectives while ensuring new projects are secure and compliant
  • Delivers proactive information security risk management to avoid surprises and assist funding and planning
  • Gives direct access to technical security specialists
  • Increases stakeholder and customer confidence while business risks decrease
  • Keeps smaller businesses up-to-date with new regulation and legal jurisdictions
  • Helps you become better prepared to address the ever-increasing compliance and security regulation and legislation

The service is available as an ongoing subscription with a certain amount of the consultant’s time dedicated to your business on a weekly or monthly basis (e.g.: 1 day/week), or as a time-limited role (e.g. acting as a substitute for your employee(s) when they are on holiday, extended leave of absence, etc.).

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