Vulnerability Test

You do your best to secure the systems against hackers and malware - but new threats emerge constantly. We can help you sleep at night by testing your resistance to common and upcoming attack methods. We test your business-critical IT systems and look for vulnerabilities, using a combination of automatic tools and manual, creative tests. 

The test can be conducted at three different levels, with amateur hackers and random attacks as the main concern at level 1 and targeted attackes based on insider knowledge at level 3.

The test will result in a report that provides you with an accurate status of IT security in your systems as well as suggestions as to how the desired level of security can be reached. We review the report with you and your team at a meeting with one of our consultants.

Performing this test lets you: 
  • Improve your level of security and protect your business-critical IT systems
  • Improve your internal workflows based on an increased understanding of the causes of different vulnerabilities
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