Wireless Network Penetration Test

Wireless networks are increasingly exist in most offices due to the huge benefits they bring to both employees and guests - but they also introduce vulnerabilities that are avoided with a wired network. A hacker does not have to be physically located in a company to hack into the wireless network and from there into the internal network and the confidential data. How can you secure yourself against this?

FortConsult wireless network penetration test gives you answers to the following questions:

  • Are all the wireless components secured?

  • Are your employees' computers secured?

  • Can you exclude your computers from your network if they lost or stolen?

The solution can advantageously be combined with our Laptop Review.

Our wireless network penetration test allows you to:

  • Enhance the level of security in your wireless networks

  • Enjoy all the benefits of wireless networks without compromising your company's IT security

  • Get a thorough and impartial assessment from a third party of whether or not the actual security level in your wireless network is consistent with your own view

  • Documented proof to management, auditors and the media that you comply with your security policies
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